Mrs. Chan Onsomboun built a shade house for her crops

Mrs. Chan Onsomboun

A resident of Han village, Hongsa district, Xayabouly province

“Without protection from the shade house, my vegetables will be exposed to heavy rain or direct sunlight, resulting in the loss of haft of the crops cultivated”.

Sabaidee, my name is Chan Onsomboun and I reside in Han village, Hongsa district of Xayabouly province. My family were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and received assistance from CORE-19 project under the CISAC-19 programme. We are famers who rely heavily on weather conditions to grow and sell vegetables. Unfortunately, in some season, we have experienced significant losses due to harsh weather extremes like excessive heat, cold and heavy fog.

Thanks to CORE-19 project, which provided us with vegetables seeds and the equipment to build a greenhouse. We have seen a significant difference in our lives. The greenhouse allows us to grow vegetables year-round, regardless of the weather, and it prevents our produce from rotting or getting burnt.

In just the past three month, I have successfully sold my produce on three separate occasions, generating an average of 500,000 kip per sale. This newfound income stability allows my family to meet our basic needs and steadily improve our living conditions.

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