follow-up and technical guidance to young people for planting vegetable in the green house.

On April 24, 2023, HJA team and partners in collaboration with provincial and district officials conducted a  monitoring and evaluation visit to assess the outcomes of their activities. HJA team and partners reviewed the records of beneficiaries in Han and Phoxay villages, specifically eight households who received support.

  • Follow-up interviews with five families growing vegetables in shade houses revealed they are successfully cultivating vegetables free of harmful substances, thanks to the project’s clean agriculture training and District of Agriculture and Forestry Office’s guidance. They are also generating income from vegetable sales, leading to improved family income and living conditions and the monitoring and evaluation team convened a meeting to share lessons learned and prepare information, responsibilities, and readiness for the end-of-project report. The project will be handed over to relevant partners for continued monitoring and guidance, ensuring its sustainable impact.

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