Linking and Learning Facilitation-LLF


The aim of the Linking and Learning facilitation is to contribute to both organizations and rights holders in terms of increasing the confidence of the people including majorization and discrimination to effectively voice out through learning events such as dialogues, sharing and learning, CoP and CoS ineffective learning atmosphere such as equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, respect, caring, nurture, networking, sympathy, empathy and embracement.

Grantees: WWDA, STELLA, RDA, Meta tam, NCA, DSC & BNDA

Activity: Organize linking and learning annual event

These events will bring grantees together to share their linking and learning through artistical modes and interaction approaches such as showing the theatre, VDO of MSC, debating and dialogue and etc,  

Linking and Learning Facilitation team visited 2 organizations funded by Voice with Disability Service Center (DSC) and Stella