2023 Annual meeting of Huam Jai Asasamak Association ແລະ ພັນຖິ່ນ/Phan-Thin Social Enterprise

During 26th – 28th Dec 2023, Huam Jai Asasamak Association (HJA) and Phan-Thin Social Enterprise convened 2023 Annual Meeting in Anuvong District, XaySomboun Province. This comprehensive gathering served a multi-faceted purpose: critically reviewing the Association’s accomplishments and shortcomings over the past year, gleaning valuable insights from both successes and challenges, conducting a meticulous analysis of the organization’s internal and external environment, and charting a compelling course for future collaborative efforts with the local community. Notably, the year 2024 promises continued partnership between the volunteers and local communities, with a concerted focus on three key areas: fostering robust personnel capacity building, streamlining various internal management systems within the organization, and fundraising.

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